Photo: Ahmed Ashham

By the end of 2020, the population of Hdh. Atoll has reached a staggering amount of 28,000!

The Atoll council has stated that they have registered 28,094. The biggest population island wise in Kulhudhufushi. The population of the Kulhudhufushi is 10,399 with 1475 houses. The island has 37% of the population.

The second biggest population from H.Dh atoll is at Nolhivaram. The island is with the population of 2747.  third biggest population is in Hanimaadhoo.

Nolhivaranfaru: 1936

Makunudhoo: 1840

Vaikaradhoo: 1818

Kumundhoo: 1476

Neykurendhoo: 1427

Nellaidhoo: 1370

Naivadhoo: 877

Kurinbee: 753

Finey: 595

Hirimardhoo: 571

The total population of  the atoll has more men with 14340 meanwhile the women’s population are 13754.

National Bureau of Statistics in 2020 stated that 23,157. The current population according to the bureau stated that this is the third biggest population in the Maldives.

The bureau also stated that the estimated population in 2054 will be 21,451. The reason would be people migrating to the greater Male’ region.


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