A rare type of dolphin (an albino dolphin) has been found in H.Dh atoll.

The rare type of this dolphin has been captured live by the young fishermen who goes by the name ‘ Zuvaan Masveriyaa’.

Hassan Saajin also known as Zuvaan Masveriyaa has uploaded a video of this dolphin dancing to the waves created by the vessel and so far, 11,000 people has interacted with the video. The video also shows that the dolphin swims with a pack of other dolphins together as well.

He has also stated that the video was taken by a friend of him and the location was in H.Dh atoll according to him. He is also stated that the time of the video is still unknown.

Normally, dolphins comes with grey in color, but due to cell mutation, sometimes the dolphins also has albino dominant features as well.

Albino mutations recesses the melanin in the genes of the dolphins as well. The melanin is responsible for the color of the dolphins such as the color of humans as well.

Albino dolphins are common in pacific ocean as well. The dolphins migrate sometimes to the southern waters sometimes including Indian ocean as well. Thus, a white albino dolphin has also being seen near H.Dh atoll on 2018 as well.


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