Kuldhufushi Regional Hospital (KRH)’s twitter account gets verified.

KRH’s twitter account got verified 2 days ago, and the hospital has also confirmed that the hospital’s Twitter account has been verified.

After the verification of the hospital’s twitter account, the hospital’s team management has thanked the social media team of the hospital, along with the business development team of the hospital as well.

Twitter verification ensembles that the account is solely used and controlled by the account’s owner. Moreover, this also enables other to see the account very professionally and to always believe what the account says.

KRH being verified by Twitter would also let the hospital be recognized even more. Currently, KRH is the biggest hospital with the best equipment present in the region as well.

Following the statistics of the hospital, last year alone, more 100,000 times people have consulted in the hospital. 23 nationalities of more 1000 foreigners have also consulted from the hospital as well.



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