Kelaa’s women development committee has developed a park named “Odi Ban Park” on the islands beach.

The committees president, Hawwa Shahuma has stated to “Thiladhun” that for the whole project to finish, they took almost 3 weeks. And they also mentioned that they got a lot of help from other authorities as well.

The main purpose according to the committe for building such a park in their beach area is to provide a place for the people of the island along with visitors to spend some peaceful time on the island.

President Shahuma elaborated more, saying that the island is almost full of people who visits for picnics as well. Therefore, the park would be used as one of the main places for these people and with the collaboration of the island’s council, the committee will be enhancing the features of the park as well.

Our community beach is now open 🎉🎉
Please follow up rules and regulations

– keep the beach clean and tidy


Posted by Kelaa Women’s Development Committee on Sunday, December 27, 2020

The park includes 2 huts, one swing on the sea area and sitting places. The park is developed on an area where it will show the most of the island’s natural beauty as well.


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