Abdullah Abubakr from Kulhudhufushi, Kurahaage is someone who gathered the important information of the storm that destroyed Keylakunu. He was one such historian who brought the stories of the storm without adding anything to our generation.

The storm that came up during that day devastated the whole of Kulhudhufushi very much. The stories of such was also narrated by Abdullah, even to the famous historian and writer Mohamed Ibrahim Luthfee. We have met Abdullah even recently to gather the information regarding the storm and he was very much bedridden now.

At a trip to Male’, finally Mohamed Ibrahim Luthfee got hold of Abdullah and he was brought to the Markaz of Dhivehi Language and History to be recorded for what ever he knew about the great storm that made the whole of Kulhudufushi deserted. The events were carefully recorded in the 122 edition of “Faiythoora” back then.

Anyways, till date of this year, the time at which the storm hit the Keylakunu, it has been 205 years. In “Thaareekh Islaami Dheeba Mahal” it is stated that the storm hit on the 13th of Rabeeul Awwal 1237. Even in the book “Dhivehi Thaareekh” it is written the same date. In HCP Bell’s monograph the event’s date is jumbled. He had written 1235 as the year.

Keylakunu was back then, very much heavily populated. Around in 1120 (Hijree) The Dhiyamigili Bodu Bandaara Siri Kulasundhara Siyaaka Saasthura Mahaaradhun sent a special envoy that apart from the government positions and people working for the people there are 73 to give wording on special things. Which means, the whole of Keylakunu population is around 255 to 355. This is considered as a alot of people back then.

Keylakunu “Aragu Faiykolhu” stated that in the 1700s the population of Keylakunu was 238 to 340 people.

The storm of Keylakunu is a very well said story. During this storm, a lot of northern islands were destroyed. A lot of people died during these events. A lot of boats were destroyed and it is also said that due to the storm people were also carried from one island to the other. After the storm, the development which came after to rebuild the islands of the north are well examples of the northerners.

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