One biggest reason “Thiladhunmathi Times” decided to dig deeper into the lives of “Dhirun” Fishing team of Hanimadhoo is mainly due to the aesthetic pictures they circulate via Facebook.

The various types of fishes that accompanies them in the pictures are none other than what every fish lovers would want to get spammed in their Facebook Timeline.

Main stories of the earliest memories with fishing was started by the team leader, also the Captain of the vessel, Mohamed Hussain (Husnuheenaamaage) Hanimadhoo.

He explained that the start of the Dhirun Fishing team was, after spending most of his life devoted to the military, he got a job offer from the Airport security command in Hanimadhoo and decided to shift his life to the island. And, he decided to buy a boat, solely for the purpose of fishing.


The first boat he ever boat was 28 feet long and named it as “Dhirun”. The easiest way to catch anyone’s eyes and use it to market yourself would be using the social media tool these days. So he decided to, open a Facebook page in the name of fishing boat, and when he started to share the pictures, he stated that the support he started to get was immense!

After using the opportunities to the maximum he could, he decided to sell the old boat and buy a 35 feet long, technologically much more advanced boat to pursue his career has a fisherman.

The most unique feature of this team is that, unlike other fishing boats, this boat does not limit itself to one type of fishing. Instead, they are engaged in both old types of fishing along with the new.

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They just fit it just right to the weather, monsoon and the hype of the market for those days. The other main feature of this group is, they are master craftsmen in making things which are needed for the fishing. They are also very keen to introduce new, joyful youth into this work, and have been introducing a lot of youth into the work as well.

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Most of the guest houses in Hanimaadhoo, the City hotel Barefoot and also for Hondaafushi resort, the team has been non stop supplier of fishes as well. Moreover, if the visiting tourists ever wants to go for a fishing trip, the first name which comes to everyone’s mind is, this Dhirun Team.

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For every success story, there would always be obstacles. The main type of fishing for this team is yellow fin tuna and reef fishes. And the team stated the main biggest problem for them is the problem of sharks and dolphins. Since the tourism in H.Dh is terribly low these days, they stated that the prices of the reef fishes are going down as well. And a sustainable way to sell the reef fishes still lacks in the atoll, thus working is very hard.

If you would like to book an adventurous fishing trip, day or night, please do not hesitate to contact them via their Facebook page, ” Dhirun Fishing Team”. If you would also like to view the amazing fishing photos, now you know where to find them.


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