Adam Waheed (Adam) has initiated a course to be started to start learn coding, basic web development, web desiging and web software developing.

Adam, who was born in H.Dh Vaikaradhoo, has completed two batches of this course previously. He is trying to start the 3rd batch of this course on the 5th of December. In the whole span of the course, the main person who will be teaching would be Adam, but there would also be room for some guest lecturers who will participate as well.

After the initiation of this course by Adam, this course is widely opened for all the age groups and the course will be taught online. He also stated that he opened the course to all age groups because, mainly he started this course with fairly young kids involved. But, he also stated that even people who were 30 years and above has also participated in the course during the span of 2 batches.

The course is to be conducted 3 days a week and the session for each day would be held from 2030 to 2200. He also said that some sessions might get elongated due to the interest of the students, and before, he has also stretched the classes to even midnight 12 due to the interest shown by many of the students.

The whole course will be of 2 months and if by the end of 2 months, the students are committed and finishes the daily works assigned by Adam, he stated that the student would surely be able to develop websites, web designing and also Linux Server troubleshooting as well.

The best thing about this course is, if the student did not get the desirable knowledge of the course, the student could go further to the next course conducted for free of charge as well.

Students who would like to sign up for the classes could go to “Learn Coding With Adam” on Facebook and fill the online form. The fee for the course is 800/- per month.


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