After serving for more than 42 years, H.A Dhidhoo “Thiladhoo” Mohamed Naseer has retired on 8th June 2021. He retired after serving as a Director of Haa Alif Atoll Council.

Mohamed Naseer started out in the public sector as an English secretory at Air Maldives back in 29th March 1979. Later on, after finishing his Headmaster course abroad in 1981 he joined the education sector. He served as a headmaster at H.Dh Atoll Education Center and Shaviyani Atoll Education Center.

In 26th March 1992, he joined Haa Alif Atoll Council as a secretary. Later, as a Senior Secretary, Secretory of Atoll Council President and as an “Atholhuveriyaage Muaavin”.

Haa Alif Atoll Council has said that they greatly appreciate Mohamed Naseer for the continuous service of 40 years.


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