Dr. Aiminath Aboobakur has began to serve as a Pediatrician at Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital (KRH).

Dr. Aiminath born to Kulhudhuffushi, always aspired to return to her island to provide better services for the island. After specializing in Pediatrics at Nepal, she now has returned and joined the KRH team. She also believes that much work remains to be done in order to improve medical services in Kulhudhuffushi.

“It always has been planned to come back and serve the island. Afterall, if the island born does not return to serve, then who will? Those who come here always leave after their terms end, they do not have any interest in improving the place nor develop love for it. But for us, we have our love for the island.” Said Dr. Aiminath.

She also believes if the island born returns to serve, most problems the island face would have a found a permanent solution. She encourages those who studies or are already in the medical field to return and serve. To give back to the community.

She wishes for KRH not to be just to provide referral for Male’ hospitals. She wishes KRH to actually serve the sick and for KRH to become a hospital with all treatments available for the sick. She believes that much work has to be done to improve services and for her wishes to come true.

KRH is where most from three northern atolls come for medical treatment. KRH is one of the hospitals from the northern atolls with most Maldivian doctors. Including Dr. Aiminath totals to six Maldivian doctors.


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