Ministry of Education has announced that they are looking for interested parties to construct 02 classrooms, science lab, staff rooms and health room in Ha. Maarandhoo School

As per the announcement by the Ministry of Education, interested parties should register between September 16 and September 26 via  

Moreover, according to the announcement, bids can only be submitted if the business is listed as a small-medium business with the Economic Ministry. Furthermore, MVR 25000 must be held as a bid security, and additional information will be included in the bid books.

If interested parties wish to clarify any additional information regarding the announcement, the ministry requests to mail them to [email protected] before 1400hrs of September 27, 2021. 


Bid opening ceremony will be held at the Ministry of Education’s Physical facilities development section’s Hall (Velaanaage 08th floor) , on 1145 hrs, September, 29, 2021.


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