Inaugration of 5 power houses to be built in the north has been carried out in the past weeks.

Taking into account of the old power houses and the lack of recent technological advantages, the current government took everything into action to change the old power houses to new ones.

On 16th October, Fenaka Cooperation inaugurated 3 more islands power houses to be rebuilt to new ones. Fenaka cooperation signed to build the power houses of H.Dh Neillaidhoo, H.Dh Vaikaradhoo and H.Dh Kumundhoo. In Neillaidhoo and Vaikaradhoo, the new power house was inaugrated by the Managing Director of Fenaka, Mr. Ahmed Saeed and the member of the constitution Hussain Ziyad.

The engine house and office block in Neillaidhoo must be finished within 280 days. While the power house in Vaikaradhoo must finish in 210 days and the one in Kumundhoo must finish in 270 days according to the agreement.

On 14th October, an agreement was made to build a new power house in H.Dh Kulhudhufushi City as well. The agreement was signed and the foundation was laid by also the Managing Director of Fenaka Cooperation Mr. Ahmed Saeed and the two member of the constitution, Yasir Abdul Latheef and Jamsheed Mohamed.

The power house building is leased to Uni Engineering Pvt.Ltd and should finish the whole power house within 330 days. More over, the budget accumulated to finish the power house goes up to 15 million ruffiyya. This is also said to be the biggest power house that is being built by Fenaka Cooperation.

Last but not least, in Ha.Ihavandhoo, a new Fenaka office is to be built as well. The foundation of this place to be built was also laid by the MD of Fenaka and the member of the island Mohamed Shifau.

This office is two stories big and would also have a meeting room along with a reception. There would also be a lobby area and a rest room as well. Moreover, 40 or more employees could work here in the same time.

This project is given to Ocean Gate Pvt.Ltd and the whole project must be done within 260 days. The works of the office will be started on the 21st of this month.



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