Allied Insurance has introduced a whole new scheme specially designed for the tourists who are visiting the Maldives.

The new scheme namely “Allied Inbound” is an insurance scheme designed for the tourists to tackle the COVID-19 expenses which they might face while visiting the Maldives.

As soon as the borders of the Maldives are opened, the long awaited tourists longing to visit the Maldives has started to visit in flocks. This scheme is eligible for all the age groups and the only pre-requisite that need to be done by the tourists to get the insurance scheme is to get a PCR test with a negative result taken not more than 72 hours.

Allied Insurance has stated in their website that, the main reason why this insurance is beneficial for the tourists as this will cover their main expenses regarding COVID-19 . The main expenses covered by the insurance includes the expenses that will come across if the tourist is taken to an isolation facility. The insurance would cover the daily isolation expenses as well.

Moreover, if a tourist needs to be transported in emergency between islands, and the procedures done if needed during the emergency will also be covered in the scheme. 

Last but not least, during an unfortunate event such as death due to the COVID-19 related situations, the burial services or even the use of mortuary will also be covered in this scheme.

The amount that needs to be paid for the insurance starts as low as $25 and the reason behind the low rates are to ensure that more tourists gets the affordable insurance package. The most amount that could be used up in the scheme is $100,000.




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