It has been devastating news from all around islands which consists of mangroves from the past few weeks. Sudden die – offs of mangroves are happening nation wide and it has been reported widely even in social media now.

We have started to see a lot of mangroves suddenly dying up from the northern side of the Maldives. We have seen mangroves affecting in many ways, such as the sudden death of all the organisms in these mangroves as well.

Today, another news surfaced and this time, the horrendous news came from Sh.Feydhoo. The photos shows that the mangroves were very badly affected and the before and after photos shows how badly affected the mangroves are.

This time, the news also came from a northern island from a northern atoll. The main question asked by every single person who belongs to the north is, whether the government is aware of this issue. Whether the government is taking the necessary measures to counter this.

The people of the north are not asking for sudden results, rather they are saying that the problem is repetitive. And it is very much necessary to fund and make proper assessments on the mangroves and try to tackle the reason why this keeps on happening.

Many people on social media are calling out to protect the islands, sanctuary of marine life and other organisms. People believe that Environment Protection Agencies and Environment Ministry should take the preventative action and try to do assessments to tackle the underlining problem as soon as possible.


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