The Mangrove of Keylakunu, environmentally protected and home to many species of plants and greenery, now faces fear of extinction. The one and only “true forest” in all of Maldives is on the brink of death. The recent plight of northern mangroves has reached Keylakunu. The public has shown concerns over this issue.

Kulhudhuffushi City Council’s Director and Environmental Activist, Abdulla Adam have brought this issue to attention via social media. On twitter he has uploaded images which shows the mangrove previously filled with green now turned grey and dying. Adam also highlights that the state of the mangrove has become worse than ever.

Due to similar occurrences, Ministry of Fisheries Marine Resources and Agriculture in collaboration with Environmental Protection agency conducted a field survey. In which says that the state of the mangroves are results of Monsoon changes or abundance of a species of insects.  The insects would be a species which obstructs the growth of the plants.

The largest Kandoofaa in Maldives, Neykurendhoo Kandoofaa is also dying. Followed by mangroves of H.Dh Vaikaradhoo, H.Dh Nolhivaram, H.Dh Kumundhoo, H.A Kelaa, H.A Uligam and Sh. Feydhoo. Over a year has passed with the issue and no solution in sight.


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