It was a time when, foreign vessels were allowed to infilterate into the Maldivian sea and get as much of fish as they want. This was the main reason why the Maldivian Coast guard was formed and came into surface as early as 01 January 1980. At the early time of the coast guard, the launches that were present at the moment were small little ones. These were very much incapable of monitoring the whole of the vast sea. Thus, the introduction of the radar stations came into existence.

The then government had decided to keep the radar stations in three main locations of the Maldives. The whole radar stations were under the Maldivian Military and the government appointed late Colonel retired Hassan Naseer as a chief of this operation. The person who gave technical advisors is Mr. Maizaan Umar Manik. The three main location of these radars were at Ha.Kelaa, L.Hithadhoo and Ga.Villingili.

The first radar station was built at L.Hithadhoo at 1986. While the station was built and the military was in action, they saw a foreign fish boat trying to fish in the Maldivian sea. They stopped all action and set sail from NSS 07 towards the fish boat, took the custody of it and brought back into Maldives. The government took the fish boat to themselves and named it as ‘MV Veligandu”.

The military personnel who were assigned to build these radar stations lived in a very horrendous life while in action. They had to get food on their own and eat and suffice their hunger on their own as well. They had to get the supplements needed for the radar stations from the coastal area of the islands and build the radar stations on their own as well. After working this way, at the end of the year 1985, the radar station at Ga.Villingili were built. And the station at Ha.Kelaa was also started in 1987 but during the coup on 1988, the work halted.

It is believed that these stations took that much time to built as the coast guard personnel were also in charge of building these while performing other duties as well. Therefore, if an assignment comes their way which needs them back at the capital, they were also asked to come back all the way after stopping all of their actions.

The first radar stations of the Maldives were not in use due to the lack of technical support and knowledge to the Maldivian military. The first radar station after that was opened in Addu atoll in around 1997. After this, the coast guard’s unit was also formed at Addu atoll, residing them their and making them much more resilient. A technologically advanced radar was gifted by the Indian Air Force later on to the Maldives, which was signed on 09 July 2003.

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