Ministry of tourism has met with presidents of island councils of Ha. Alif Atoll yesterday. The meeting was to discuss the ways to diversify local tourism in islands and to bring more benefit from tourism. One of the main governments strategic plan includes a project named “Tourism diversification and
localization” and under this project, the ministry began a series of meetings with island councils.

The very first meeting was with councils of Ha. Alif Atoll in which President of Atoll council and parliament members of the atoll also joined. From the ministry, minister of tourism Dr. Abdulla Mausoom, senior staffs and staffs allocated for the project “Tourism diversification and localization”
were present.

In his speech, minister assured the councils that he will provide aid in improving tourism in islands. Moreover he said that he will work hard to bring benefits of tourism to residents of islands directly and
indirectly. Giving a presentation, senior executive director, Razzan and director, Shinan highlighted the activities that councils can do to enhance tourism. Furthermore they informed the changes brought to rules and regulation of tourism as well as about de-centralization.

Parliament members of Ha. Alif Atoll also expressed their perspectives in improving tourism in islands and assured to give all the support needed in various areas.

A separate unit is introduce within the tourism ministry to implement the project “Tourism diversification and localization” and minister gave high hopes in developing “Boduthiladhunmathi” as a hub for tourism while ending the meeting.


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