Guest House Association of Maldives (GAM), has started meeting with all the councils of Maldives in order to discuss the ways to improve guest house business in islands and the difficulties they are facing.

Today, GAM met with councils of  Ha. Alif Atoll and Shaviyani Atoll and the meeting was held online. Atoll councils and island councils did join the meeting. In the same manner, yesterday GAM met with Ha. dhaal Atoll councils and two days back the meeting was with Noon Atoll councils.

Secretary General of GAM, Saudhulla Ahmed Hassan has informed “Thiladhun” that in  the meetings they have discussed to  find solutions for all the difficulties facing in guest house business and finding promoting methods for the business with the help of councils

The main target of GAM is to overcome the challenges in guest house business and to market the guest house business as to improve tourism in the country. This will be done along with the government, City councils, all the councils in the atolls as well as together with guest house owners.

Some of the highlighted discussions in the meetings include, making a separate beach area for guest houses, and arranging a picnic island and providing a comfortable environment for tourists. The councils has discussed the difficulties as well, such as difficulty in getting loans for investments and difficulties in marketing.

When the covid-19 pandemic hit the country, guest house business was one of the main business that affected very badly. The country is still fighting against covid-19, and when situation gets better, to improve tourism, GAM will work together with all the councils and Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Company(MMPRC).




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