Male’ Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) has participated in the National Apprenticeship Program.

Agreement was signed between MWSC and the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment to train youth under the program at a ceremony held at MWSC Customer Service Building. State Minister Hussain Ismail signed the agreement on behalf of the Ministry and Managing Director of MWSC Hassan Shah signed the agreement on behalf of the company.

The program is conducted by the Ministry of Youth to provide opportunities for Youths to gain experience while at work from experts in the field to learn, train and gain experience. Under the program, 73 youth from 17 categories will be trained in the first two batches conducted by MWSC.

Moreover, MWSC stated that 17 employees currently working in the company will also be given the opportunity to participate in the program as everyone who completes the program receives a Level 3 certificate.

The program is scheduled to begin in December, which will continue for six months. In addition, MWSC stated that participants will receive an allowance during this period.


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