Farmers training program held at HDh. Kurinbi by Council in collaboration with Kurinbi Youth Movement has been concluded.

Training program held from November 4 to 6 was taught by a trainer from Prime Fertilizers. And certificates have been presented to the participants who completed the program.

According to the President of Youth Movement Adam Shazeen, 45 individuals participated in the program and information provided to the participants in the program as include how to plant trees; how to cultivate; hydroponic  farming; common diseases that occur in plants and solution for the diseases; how to reduce environmental impacts; and how to do modern farming. 

Moreover, according to the Youth Movement, the main purpose of the program was to teach the participants how to cultivate and to further develop agriculture using modern resources.

Furthermore, the Youth Movement appreciated all who assisted in making the program successful and specially thanked Kurinbi School for their support. 

In addition, the Youth Movement is an organization that conducts various activities for the development of the island and will launch a religious awareness program in the near future.


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