Utheemu Ghaazee Bandarain School (GBS) postponed Teachers day celebration in order to prepare for National Day events.‍

As per the GBS, they decided to postpone the teachers day celebration since students from school are preparing for special activities to celebrate National Day. Also, students will be participating in several events during the celebrations.

According to GBS teacher Ahmed Riyaz, the decision to postpone the teachers day celebrations was decided by the School teachers as students will not have sufficient time to prepare for National Day events if the Teachers day is celebrated. Moreover, teachers of the school wanted to prioritize National day activities to show the love they have for that nation, Riyaz added. 

Furthermore, Abdulla Rasheed, president of Utheemu council, appreciated the decision made by the GBS teachers and their sacrifice to support the National Day events. 

This year’s National Day in Utheemu will be celebrated at Atolls level.


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