FAM D certificate Football coaching course conducted in Nolhivaranfaru has been concluded. 

Coaching course in Nolhivaranfaru was conducted in collaboration with National Institute of Sports, Football Association of Maldives, and  Nolhivaranfaru council.

Course was led by Football coach Mohamed Nizam (Nizambe) between 22-30 of September 2021. 

According to Abdulla Nadheem, President of Nolhivaranfaru Council, they opened the opportunity for all interested individuals from the atoll to participate in the course, and Atoll Council arranged transport for the participants from other islands. 

Moreover, Nadheem expressed his gratitude to the Youth Ministry and FAM for the opportunity, also he appreciated the support they receive from residents, Atoll Council, Nolhivaranfaru School, and other institutes.


Total 17 participants completed the course, and out of them two were Women’s. Moreover, the course was also completed by participants from four other islands of HDh. Atoll.


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