MP for VilliMale’ constituency, Ahmed Ushaam has questioned about not getting on-arrival visa for Maldivians from India while Maldivians do get          on-arrival visa from more than 80 countries, in respond to a tweet made by MP  for Hithadhoo North constituency Mohamed Aslam.

MP Mohamed Aslam said in his tweet that, when Indian consulate is opened in Addu city it will make easy for people of Addu to get visas from India. Also he said it will strengthen business ties between two countries and will attract investment from India.

As the current government of Maldives refers India as “Maldives’s big brother” and despite being such a close neighbor of Maldives, India does not issue on-arrival visa for Maldivians. And also has restrictions for medical visas as well. 

On 25th May, Indian cabinet has decided to open an Indian consulate in Addu city. Opposition parties are raising concerns about this and are against it while the people in favors of the current government says it will be beneficial to the people of Addu city.

As they say, it will ease getting visas for Addu citizens and will also help in development of the city.



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