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The oldest day that are being celebrated in the Maldives is, without any doubt, the National Day. Since it is the National Day, people do also think that on the 1st of Rabeeul Awwal (Islamic Calendar) is known for a holiday, rather than that, almost nothing is done on the occasion.

If you as a current generation youth about the national day and when it is, it is pretty much sure that they will go silent for a bit. But, if you ask about the slavery of Portuguese in the Maldives for 15 or 17 years, almost everyone would click with you.

From the previous government, the only day with occasions where nothing was done to celebrate was the national day. The fact that the previous government decided to omit the national day shows how much the government resented on the day.

From the hijree calendar on the year of 548 Maldives became an islamic country and to this year, the years add up to 894 years in the hijree calendar in total. Therefore, we can always conclude that the Maldives got a much more proud history than most of the countries.

Just like other countries who was already celebrating their National Day, the leader who decided to take into action of celebrating a Maldivian National day was during the reign of his excellency, Mohamed Amin Didi. So, the then government decided to go in for deep discussion on when to celebrate the day.

And they came to a conclusion to celebrate this day on the bright occasion of getting the independence from the slavery of Portuguese by the brave fighting of Mohamed Thakurufaan and his brothers. This historic even took place on 1st of Rabeeul Awwal 981. So from this day to this year, the event would be 462 years long.

Below is a little piece written about the agenda of a National Day before in the magazine “Faiythoora“:

In order to celebrate the National day, there was a ceremony held in “Milunurey Naadheetha madhun”. It is also believed that the current National Anthem of the Maldives was also born in this ceremony. A lot of high posts of the government talked in this ceremony and the ceremony was started off by sending peace to the Prophet SAW by late Hussain Salahudheen.

Around morning 6:30 of the day, there was a gathering to send peace, offerings for granting the Maldives a day like this in the Friday mosque. In this event, every single upper posts in the government participated. From noon on wards, there was a sports meet between the school children and after that, some offices had a tug of war challenge as well. After that the military showed their skills and the day was concluded after giving off prizes to the winners of the day.



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