Utheem United (UU) on behalf of their 7th anniversary, has gifted a special gift to the grand mosque in the island.

The gift which was presented by UU was the walk way lights present in the mosque, outdoor lights along with water hoses needed for the garden in the mosque.

On behalf of the prosperous 7th anniversary of the club, the club had gifted the items today to the council of Utheem, and the council has stated that they have received and accepted the gifts wholeheartedly.

#Utheemu_Council Utheemu Bandhaarain Miskithu Walk Way gai Light Adhi Miskithu Gate Light ge Ithurun Miskithu Goathi…

Posted by Secretariat of Utheemu Council on Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Utheem council has also stated that with these gifts, the walkway and outdoor lights along with the water hoses needed for the garden had made the mosque even better than before. Utheem United had stated that they are more than please to gift these and their number one goal is to work for the betterment of the island along with the development and increase in economy of the island.

Utheem United also stated that during this brief amount of time after the birth of the club, they would like to thank individually to everyone who had paved their way for a better day ahead for them.

UU had also opened a scholarship in the name of “Late Rashad Hussain memorial” and had given 5 scholarships to students who are interested.

Also, other favorable projects started by the club includes the green project where 1000 palm trees are to be planted in the island.

Utheem United came into existence at the early months of 2013 and ever since that, they have been working for the betterment of Utheem.


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