Today, if anyone mentions the word “Best Buddy” all through out the Maldives, the name is very much well known. Without a doubt, there must be quite some reasons why the name caught like wild fire in between the Maldivian communities.

The main reason why the “Best Buddy” took merely 4 years to enhance their business all through out Maldives was none other than their owner’s leadership. Today, in Kulhudhufushi, Best Buddy had opened a hardware shop namely “Best Circle” and another big shop at the islands Ameenee Magu. And to sell all of these stuffs back in Male’ they have also opened a shop at Javaahiru Magu, Male’ as well.

With the little investment they had with them, they decided to dive into the business of bringing battery vehicles to the Maldives and sell them with a little profit. Today, a lot of islands benefit from this business by buying these vehicles. Even though you are a fisherman, or even a gardener, these vehicles come in handy. An island without a vehicle from Best Buddy will be very less all through out the Maldives.

From Ha.Thuraakunu to Addu almost all of the islands are with these battery vehicles and Best Buddy assures you that the spares for the vehicles are always available at Kulhudhufushi and Male’.  They believe that supplying the spares to the  customers was the main reason why their fame grew that much.

Apart from selling the battery vehicles, Best Buddy had introduced an international well known hardware brand known as MPT Tools. And they say that these tools are now available at their outlets.

Also, they do take preorders for anything that they could bring for their customers from China as well. They assure you with high end furniture and proudly had delivered children play area equipment to a lot of parks in the country as well.

Best Buddy is also known for being a very kind hearted business, as it has given countless donations for different causes even to its birth island, Kulhudhufushi. Best Buddy had indeed been the buddy we all wanted and they continue to serve their customers loyally.


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