From the very recent O level examinations, from computer sciences, 3rd place has been awarded to a student from Kulhudhufushi, Jalaaludheen School.

The student who received this prestigious award is Aishath Abdul Rahmaan from Jalaaludheen School.

She has also  banked a wonderful result from her O level other subjects as well. She managed to top 7 A starts along with 1 A which confirms her spot in the 2nd place of the National Top Ten of the Maldives.

Aishath was also a very bright student during her primary days as well. After giving an all inclusive interview to Thiladhun, she stated that she had not even dreamed about getting a world ranking spot but she did work very hard for a National Level spot.

She also believe that if you are careful with the  obligations set for every student, studying is something that you are doing for yourself, and hardwork would pay off for any student. And she also stated that, it important to revise every day to day works set by the teachers and ask if you are in doubt. Therefore, she thanked her parents and her beloved teachers for assisting her for such a victory.

Since this is a huge achievement achieved by the Kulhudhufushi Jalaaludheen school, the principal miss Aminath Mohamed believes that this was something the whole island is proud of. She specifically thanked the Computer Sciences teachers along with Aishath’s parents for supporting her all through out journey.

This achievement can be distinguished as a very big and proud achievement for the whole island and Thiladhunmathi.


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