While inaugurating the media campaign “Covid Huttuvaanee Aharen”, which highlights individual responsibility in controlling the spread of Covid-19, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih stated that tourists should be made aware of the minimal health risk to tourists travelling to Maldives.

The President stated that, with the islands already being geographically isolated and the way tourism is being operated in the country, Maldives could be deemed one of the safest destinations for tourists looking for some calm and tranquil in this pandemic.

“Apart from Male’, no other island has community spread. Whenever there is a positive case in the islands, health workers are quick to control and monitor the situation with impeccable thoroughness. Moreover, tourists resorts are secluded and there are strict restrictions on inter-island travel,” stated the President, in his video message.

President Solih also spoke regarding the role of the media in preventing misinformation regarding the pandemic and presenting an accurate picture of the health-risk within the country to local and international audiences.

He appealed to all those who work in the media field to always convey accurate news that does not mislead or sensationalise. The President also noted that while the country is preparing to open all the guest houses on 15 October, the country’s health situation has yet to be accurately presented to local and international audiences.

President Solih stressed that it is especially important to highlight the country’s safety-virtues to tourists in order to revive its economically essential tourism industry.


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