Hdh. Neykurendhoo Zahir Sports Academy has launched their website.

The website was launched by former football player from Neykurendhoo Dawood Ibrahim, at a ceremony held on October 07, 2021. 

During the website launching ceremony information regarding the website was provided by the academy admin officer Ali Niyaz. Moveover, academy president Mohamed Zahir appreciated everyone that has been supporting and assisting  in operating the academy. Also he announced that the academy plans to conduct handball classes for Kumundhoo School female students from grade 5-10. 

In addition, Zahir states that the main purpose of the website is to show the work of the academy in a timely manner to other islands across the country. 

Zahir Sports Academy was founded in 2020, and they have been actively contributing to the development of sports, the social and cultural life of residents. 


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