The Maldives Media Council (MMC) has discussed with The Embassy of Pakistan the possibility of providing training and skill development opportunities for Maldivian journalists through Pakistani educational institutions.

The meeting was attended by President of the Media Council Shahban Fahmy, Vice President of the Media Council Hussain Thaqeef, Council Member Ali Hussain, Council Member Uz. lbrahim Fauzee, and Secretary General Dr. lbrahim Samee from MMC. And Ambassador of Pakistan, H.E. Mr Vice Admiral in(R) Ather Mukhtar, Deputy Head of Mission Pakistan Embassy, Mr. Zulqurnain Ahmed from the Embassy.

During the meeting Discussions were held for seeking the assistance in sending Maldivian journalists to Pakistan for training and skill development, and also to explore the possibility of inviting specialists from Pakistan educational institutions to visit to the Maldives, to conduct training programs. Further, discussions were held for conducting short and long-term journalism scholarships programmes.

Moreover, the Ambassador of Pakistan assured that he would facilitate in providing training and skill development opportunities for Maldivian journalists. H.E. Vice Admiral (R) Ather Muktar further assured that he will also assist in making arrangements to conduct such online training programs. The Ambassador of Pakistan gave the assurance of his continued support in arranging MMC and the Press Council of Pakistan to work collaboratively.


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