An agreement has been signed to establish a picnic area in Hanimaadhoo.

Hanimaadhoo Council has stated that this is an initiative of the Hanimaadhoo Women’s Development Committee (WDC). And the agreement has been signed by Secretary General of Hanimaadhoo Council Mohamed Asif, Moosa Jaufar signed the agreement on behalf of Arutha Investments.

The project was awarded to Arutha Investments to be completed within 25 days for MVR220056. As part of the project 2 huts, 3 barbecue grills, 3 showers, a small canteen and an outdoor bench will be established. Moreover , electricity will be connected to the area and will be separated with a boundary.

Hanimaadhoo already has a picnic area developed during the previous council. The “Hani heylhi” is being used by many families on the island.


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