Kelaa Sheikh Ibrahim School has celebrated this year’s Cultural Day by organizing a cultural evening “Mathaaran Filaa Cultural Evening”. 

According to Mohamed Shifau, who is currently in charge of Kelaa School, students from LKG to grade 10 participated in the cultural day activities. And as per the school, parents and teachers have also participated in some activities with the students.

During the celebrations, lower grade students held an event to showcase the artifacts used at home in the past. They showed items used as scale in the past and some general items used for working.

Moreover, students of higher grades showed how our ancestors worked during their time. Several works of ancestors were shown in the evening according to School.

Moreover, the school noted that in addition to the activities held, separate stalls for each grade were in the evening, and  various cultural sports were also held.

Furthermore, Kelaa School stated that the main purpose of carrying out such activities was to show the children of this generation how the work and sports of the past had been carried out in the past, and to teach the children that skilled people have lived in the past. Also, to teach students good behaviour from the previous generation. 

Kelaa School also appreciated the school staff, parents and students for their efforts in successfully concluding the event.


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