Swimming Instructor training course conducted by Ha. Kelaa Council in collaboration with the Swimming Association of Maldives has been concluded and certificates awarded  to the participants.

According to President of Kelaa Council Abdulla Infaaz, instructors for the course were from Maldives Police Service. Moreover, the 20 days course commenced on October 25, 2021. Fifteen participants completed the course, which was conducted for individuals between the ages of 18 and 45. Also, currently a swimming program for students from school is ongoing and they will be tested next Sunday to see if the children have learned to swim, Infaaz added.

According to the council, the main purpose of the course is to make the residents of the island and school children aware of incidents at sea and to know how to seek their own protection in such incidents.

In addition, a swimming training program is planned for teachers, parents, and a coaching training program from swimming instructors.

The Kelaa Council appreciates the people of Kelaa,  School, Police and those who assisted in the successful completion of the program.


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