Sh. Noomaraa Council held a meeting with Vice President Faisal Naseem to discuss Noomaraa developmental plans. 

During the meeting held at the President’s Office on October 13, 2021, Noomaraa council members highlighted that former governments have been neglecting Noomaraa’s development since their Island is small in size and population. However, they appreciated the current government’s policies for Noomaraa’s development. 

Moreover, the council discussed the most important issues and challenges they are facing at the moment. This includes, renovation works of harbor, new office for council, environmental problems caused due to wrecked barge on the reef, futsal pitch for youths, laboratory for health center, and issues facing for the development of school.

Furthermore, the vice president checked the current status of Noomaraa, and advised the council to use powers they have received from decentralized laws and regulation wisely to provide efficient service to residents.

In addition, the vice president informed the council that the government would collaborate with relevant authorities to address the issues mentioned by the council.


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