The Ministry of Finance has announced that they are looking for interested parties to construct 2 classrooms, library, toilets, and office area in Ha. Thuraakunu School. 

According to the announcement, interested parties can only bid if they are registered with the Ministry of Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure in accordance with construction norms and regulations. And bidding can be done after paying MVR500, for registration which is nonrefundable. In addition, MVR 35000 must be held as a bid security.

Moreover, announcement states that additional information regarding the project can be downloaded from September 26, 2021, onwards from 

If interested parties wish to clarify any additional information regarding the announcement, the ministry requests to mail them to [email protected] before 1400hrs of September 30, 2021.

Bid opening ceremony will be held at National Tender’s Hall, on 1100hrs, October 14, 2021.


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