Nolhivaranfaru Women’s Development Committee (WDC) has decided to conduct an advanced level sewing course.

According to the President of WDC Azmeena Ahmed, a 15 days course is planned to start next month, and the course will be taken by a professional. 

Moreover, she stated that only 30 slots are available, and that the first 30 people who apply will be selected. A MVR500 fee will also be charged for the course. In addition, participants must bring their own sewing machine and scissors to the workshop. WDC will provide all other necessary items.

WDC invites all interested individuals to register by contacting President Azmeena Ahmed (9534333) or Vice President Aishath Ihsana (9736697) by September 28, 2021. 


In addition, Azmeena appreciated the support they received from Nolhivaranfaru Council. And she stated that several other activities will be carried out in future. 


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