“Fari Reethi” Shops, of H. dh Kulhudhuffushi has started a special promotion for there customers. The promotion has started yesterday and will continue up to 6months.

The customers who are doing online transactions for there shopping will be eligible to take part in the promotion. And at the end of every month the customer who have done the highest transaction will be the winner and gets to do extra more shopping for up t0 10% of the amount they spent. “Fari Reethi” shops requests there customers to save their online transaction slips and viber them to the phone number 9908461 at the end of the month.

“Fari Reethi” shops was a small business started 16 years ago and now it is one of the most widened business in Northern area. The Shops include “Fari Reethi”, “Fari Reethi Hardware”, “Fari Reethi Bookshop”,” Fari Showroom” and “Fari City”.

“ފަރި ޕްރޮމޯޝަން 2021”
މި ޕްރޮމޯޝަނުގައި ކަސްޓަމަރުން ސަމާލުކަށްދޭން ޖެހޭ މުހިންމު ކަންތައްތަކަކީ
– ފަރިރީތިން ކުރާ…

Posted by Fari Reethi on Saturday, May 29, 2021

These shops provide wide range of products such as hardware tools, tiles, paint, various spare parts, kitchen utensils, books, stationaries, clothing materials, tailoring items, foot ware and many more various accessories. All the shops are located nearby Kulhudhufushi Regional Hospital, which is a great benefit for peoples from other islands as it saves there time.



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